Grove Baptist Church
14260 Goldvein Road, Goldvein, VA  22720
540-752-5806   Pastor Ron Roach
Ron Roach, Pastor
As a minister of the Gospel of Christ and Pastor of Grove Baptist Church, let me share a few words about our church.  My desire of Grove Baptist Church is to be a haven for the weary and heavy burdened soul.

My philosophy of ministry is to preach the Word and love the people.  We are to sow the seed and watch God use His Word to reprove, rebuke, teach and instruct His children.

The only way we can build strong Christian homes is through solid Bible teaching.  Grove Baptist Church is not only here to serve its members, but the community as well.

May God bless each of you as you serve Him faithfully each day.
I have started by 35th year as Pastor at Gove Baptist Church. Contact me for pastoral care at
 703-340-0746 or